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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 26, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> umbrella survived. that's gr
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is on >>da: workers promised there would be back tomorrow not to strike, but to work. >> is the work force going to be happy and run down to the £5th to celebrate? probably not. >>da: the governor appointed a board to investigate the labor dispute that prevents workers from going on strike.
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>>vicki: the golden gate bridge £5th anniversary celebration is already under way. a collection of stocks rose as some highlights. >>nichole: on the day before the golden gate bridge turns visitors cannot help but marvel from christie field. >> it is really nice to see a lovely structure. it actually makes you think about how we as men can do good things in this earth. >> jeff feinstein came to check out some of this weekend's festivities. this is ted showcases the history of the golden gate. some of the maintenance crew gave visitors a taste of what it takes to maintain this iconic beauty. >> we are taking care of something very special. it is a world icon. to me it is patriotic. i consider this the statue of liberty to the west. >> it took ¿.5 years to build the golden gate bridge and its
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stance nearly £ 1/5 feet tall. -- it took 4.5 years to build the golden gate bridge. >> you have electricians and all kinds of trades. it is almost like a small city. >> this £5th anniversary celebration is expected to draw intense of thousands of celebrators. -- 75th anniversary celebration. >> i remember when the bridge opened. i remember looking over and thinking, this is big! >> crowds are expected to fill up all of currency fills for its festival with music, food and fun. >>vicki: the golden gate is shutting down briefly on sunday for the £5th anniversary celebration. the sidewalks will be closed
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starting at ¢:00 p.m. and the roadway closed at à:00 p.m.. a fireworks show is scheduled for 9:30 p.m.. after that great officials will do is fix action before it reopens. stay with kron4 as we continue our coverage of the golden gate bridge £5 anniversary. if you would like to avoid the crowds the witness the celebration, kron4 will be streaming the entire fireworks show on our web site. >>vicki: we hope the weather holds out of the fog is fairly high. on sunday, areas of low clouds.
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there will be some breaks of sunshine. the sunshine will increase as we get into the afternoon. looks like the low clouds will come back for the evening hours with temperatures in the low 50s. is on >>brian: it âill s©g to marble âe will see sunshine for the afternoon. more of ôhe study forecasts coming©p. on >>vicki: the uss iowa is on its final voyage passing of difficult siege raised. soft >> hundreds of spectators the faceted with naval history live at the shoreline to watch the last world war two battleship
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leave san francisco bay. tugboats pushed uss iowa out of richmond harbor where volunteers stand years restoring the seventh year old ships. >> it is history. it is american history in american industry. we cannot do this stuff anymore. >> this is our living past. >> many volunteers lovely restored the battle cruiser board of the seats up to escort the ship that is being towed to los angeles where she will become a floating museum.
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>>vicki: the president is making a push for vets and what he now says should persuade them to vote.
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>>vicki: lower gas prices are making this holiday weekend a little bit brighter. the current national average for a gallon of unleaded is $3. 65. that is down ¢ from a year ago. it is still the third highest price on record for memorial day weekend behind °011 and 2008. here's a look at average prices from around the bay area the oakland average is $4.29.
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but the >>vicki: dangerous weather is slamming part of the nation from twister's to wildfires. we are taking a look at where the worst conditions are and where the forecast is not looking so good. >> temperatures are just in the '50s and '60s with a couple >> temperatures are just in the '50s and '60s with a couple of low [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪
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>>vicki: the oakland a's lost ôo he new york yankees in fourth straight defeat. the final score was à-°. on >>vicki: san francisco fell short in a late rally. the final score was ™-½. metzenbaum goner allowed five runs in £6 £6.
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wildfires are taking over a part of the u.s.. severe stores and intense flames. >> a string of tornadoes touched down in central kansas overnight damaging homes, buildings and tossing power lines. storm chasers check the damage in russell, kansas. >> there were tournedos touching down all over the place. there were more than seven. it was certainly a busy day four chasers. >> in michigan firefighters are trying to put out a wild fire that scorched more than 21 dozen acres. the fire has been burning since monday. a state of emergency has been declared. >> the fire did consume some structures. we do not know how many or who the owners are. the conditions are so volatile and dangerous that fire fighters themselves are in jeopardy. >> officials say it is hard to fight the fire because of limited access.
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dry and windy conditions are fueling the flames. the crews are monitoring a brush fire near disney world in orlando. >> it takes nothing for a small fire to become a big fighter. luckily no one has been hurt or displaced in nothing damaged >> the fire caused heavy smoke all interested for prompting the highway patrol to close the adjusted to traffic. >>brian: a call there and the bay area, a brisk breeze and a lot of fog at the close. here is a live feed from the golden gate. a little bit choppy. temperatures in the '50s by the ocean. right now, here is a look at the trans america house building. a lot of low clouds hanging over the city this evening in the chilly temperatures. the highs today and the '60s. some of the warmest place is should be close to ♪0 on a
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typical worrell the weekend. he's on©p quezon corp. on âhat >>brian: extensive fog that was slowly severe weight. sunny skies by the afternoon with gusty winds. in the sierra things are improving. showers tonight in snow. partly sunny tomorrow and a warming trend of the next three days as we go into tuesday would temperatures around £0
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degrees. here's a look at fog tracker 4. look at how slowly this clears. by early afternoon the clouds clear back to the ocean but i think the fog will his love for the beaches all day long. that includes the golden gate. we will see some bright sunshine at the coast. but wednesday, thursday and friday
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look for temperatures to climb into the upper ♪0s impossibly low à0s. temperatures are warming up and then cooling down for next weekend. jetta the president's campaign is looking to get support from veterans. >> the president rarely misses had an opportunity if to talk about the health of this offering for military veterans and their families. if >>president obama: we will serve our veterans the with a service. >> is about policy and politics. his campaign is actively courting veterans half's launching a grass-roots effort. the and it is door to door, a person to person, a grocery store to grocery store. >> in 2008
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°008 ...
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>>stanley: coming up, it is a maximum enforcement time. i am writing with the hayward office of the california highway patrol in the next edition of people beating badly. da lin da lin da lin we ar
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all keen êar of the mommy sick to marks guarana advice . if you are going to hit a
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strip club in the middle of the date to drink ,, you may want t take off your vest with the company logo . this man was caught during a maximum enforcement . during interstate ♪0 . when stopped ,, the officers smelled alcohol . >>officer: if you have any questions ,, just asked . >>stanley: he was given a series of tests including a breathalyzer . guess what ? he passed . >>officer: give you have alcohol in your system ,, but n enough to be determined under the influence . >>stanley: this driver was cruising along wearing doll your butt . as i have said before ,, that i a big no-no . >>officer: we are doing maximum enforcement . that is illegal . >>stanley: another big no-no is using a cell phone without a handsfree device . >> my wife called me to tell me about the accident .
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>>stanley: what are the odds that the first time in your life the fifth of yourself on , you get caught ? if >>stanley: stay all of yourself on ,, even if your nam is >>stanley: . >>stanley: this driver was stopped because the rear passenger was not wearing her seat belt . in california ,, every passenge is required to wear a seatbelt the passengers claimed they were from the court and it is not required there . for the record ,, called the first precinct in new york city and guess what ? it is required . also ,, if you must speak , , y may want to pick a different weekends if during maximum enforcement ,, all bets are off this driver was doing ♪1 n/a mi. per hour zone and then ,, g this ,, arguing about signing t ticket .
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>>officer: i am telling you design it ,, if you do not i wi have to ,, started out here . he will tell you the same thing and from there if you do not sign it ,, we will pull you out and handcuff you . >>stanley: she said she was only going 79 . >>vicki: if you have a comment or story idea ,, e-mail us at peoplebehavingbadly@kron4. com are calm . getting around town this week is going to be a bit of a tallahassee to the dumbarton bridge is closed down . we'll take alone at what is going off and we will tell you which streets to avoid around san francisco's carnival and when the parade will roil through . an organization is to normalize of young people . tonight ,, he who we hear from one man who is rising in school now .
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. >>vicki: the dumbarton bridge will not reopen until ™:00 a.m. on tuesday morning . kate thompson has more on the work being done . >> massive amounts of equipment and a crew of 100 workers at any given time will be working around the clock for nearly four days on the dumbarton bridge . the bridge is being closed so that the crews can improve safety during an earthquake . >> this seismic join will be placed with a bigger one that allows the bridge check to move up to ½7 in. during a seismic event without damaging the deck . >> drivers will need to leave extra time traveling from the east bay to the south bay . alton routes are the san mateo bridge or highway to 37 . work has been happening underneath the bridge for weeks
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already . the crews are doing demolition and getting as much done as possible leading up to the closure . this is a close-up look at elevated section of the bridge that they are improving . more work and another two or three days full closure will be needed to put this same special joint on the east side of the bridge . >>vicki: the bay area's most iconic landmark is celebrating its £5th anniversary . if you want to join in on the events there is something for everyone . j.r stone has more on what you need to know if you are thinking about coming out to celebrate . £5 years of the golden gate bridge means one big celebration . if you're headed to the city ,, keep one thing in mind ,, it is going to be busy ! the events are planned for the marine and the presidio . parking will likely be hard to come by . no parking at christie field or at the marina green .
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. music will be played from a.m. --11:00 p.m. at christie field . there will be a vote for it at the st. francis yacht club from ®1:00 a.m. - ½:00 p.m. -3:00 p. also a car show and art show . >>vicki: the golden gate bridge is shutting down briefly on sunday night for the celebration . the bridge sidewalks will be closed to pedestrians started at ¢:00 p.m. ¢:00 p.m. and the be close at 9:00 p.m. . cut bridge official told a safety inspection before reopening . stay with kron4 as we continue our coverage of the £5th anniversary . sunday night's fireworks show aired bridge closure will have a major impact from the bay area . do not forget ,, if you would like to avoid the crowds but with is a celebration ,, we wil be streaming the fireworks show on our web site starting at p.m. on sunday .
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. >>grant: the meeting set down goes through 5:00 a.m. on monday ,, june 4th . that is almost ®0 days . during that time ,, the jade church will be partially shut down and the and digital will be completely shut down . lines will be rerouted . that is because they're doing construction so that they can improve service . for a complete list of substitute bus routes and closures and the tours ,, had t our web site ,, . if we have posted a link ,, jus click on news leaks . >>vicki: several streets are closed for carnival this weekend . sunday's parade starts at à:30 a.m. . .
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>>vicki: another major san francisco street has been shut down for the holiday weekend . first street before mission and howard will not open until ™:00 a.m. on tuesday . this is being done as a part of the new transkei in terminal program . >>brian: foggy and cool . that is what we are seeing right now at the golden gate bridge . low clouds pushing into the bay but temperatures in the '50s . earlier today ,, high temperatures in the low £0's . we should be warmer than this this time of year . ™9 was the high in san francisco . a similar days on the way for tomorrow . here is a look at future cast 4 . by ¢:00 a.m. ,, noticed the '50 to start out the day . as we go through the course of the morningside this fact we will see 60s by the bay and 70's in las inland locations .
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more on the sunday forecast at eight look into memorial day coming up . >>vicki: we often report stories of gang violence and high-school dropouts . tonight ,, the story of a young if for turned his life around thanks to an organization that you may have never heard of . this unit education program is celebrating its award night . these students are telling stories of personal growth and academic success despite a hard life in the inner city . >> i was a reckless and careless . i did not have much of a part where respect towards others . if i did not come here ,, i do not think that would be the person i am today . i would have not made it to college . they actually gave me guidance
8:36 pm
towards the right path . >>vicki: he is an amazing guy . he was homeless and still managed to maintain a ½.8 grade point average . still is running a business degree and says he eventually wants to be the ceo of a company . yoga is usually meant as a way to center yourself . some people are getting pretty fired up fast and what yoga to become an event at the olympics . details coming up . we have a new addition of dine and dance . this time he will not have to leave your home or office to get a tasty meal made by topps in francisco chef . .
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find dining by smart phone . . to find out more ,, visit our web site who. >>vicki: use thi promotion code would you place your order in get °5 percent off on any orders . . >>vicki: we're taking you on
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an adventure for the best place to find tsunami degree . >>brian: snow in this here this evening . i will leave how much longer this will stick around .
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>> i am going to laws angeles international airport for alaska airlines . >> his destination was in alaska with a population of ¢50 . the small fishing village of a jacket that is so remote ,, the are no roads leading year . for supplies ,, there are only two ways ,, what is by boat , , other is by air . if you do not mind the three
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stops on the way ,, the flight here is comfortable . this tiny isolated fishing town has a runway big enough for a £37 . we came in search of debris from last year's japanese tsunami . it has been showing up on beaches for the past few months . most of it is toxic . >> it is pretty clear that the people here have been concerned about tsunamis for quite some time . with it probably did not expect is to breathe -- is debris from one thousands of miles away washing up on their shores . . >> there is always tough washing and off of the water . that foam thing is from the tsunami . we have never seen those
8:45 pm
before . we are here at the fish camps . . >> there has been quite an accumulation of tsunami debris >> to get there we needed the help of the local harbour masters landing craft . we took a police cruiser ♪80 for a ride on the beach . we almost lost our photographer it is countered dozens of bald eagles in tver's but we survived .
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. >>brian: it is not a bad day on the date . a little bit windy . here is a live look from fort baker toward san francisco . the clouds are really coming in for tonight . it is a great night around the bay area . here is a live if you from the kron4 is run . low clouds surging inland . by tomorrow morning we will see a low clouds just about everywhere ,, even some drizzle by the coast . it will take a while for the clouds to clear away . sunday morning looks great but it will take a while ,, especially close to the ocean , before the clouds move away . here's a look at your current temperatures . here is the forecast for the rest of the holiday weekend .
8:47 pm
. >>brian: we'll have a much bigger warm-up for the middle of next week . here is a look at storm tracker 4 looking at the sierra . we have areas of heavy rain from abc's and weather systems that is pushing through . snow levels are at about £,000 ft. ,000 ft. -- £,000 ft. . as we go into the morning ,, most spots will see great . slope to clear . by ®0:00 a.m. we will still have fog bayside . by the late morning coming into the noon hour ,, the fog retreats to the coast but it will hang out there for the rest of the afternoon . we will see clouds at the
8:48 pm
golden gate for the £5th anniversary . temperatures are below average for this time of year . certainly true in the east bay . low --mid-70s . look for upper ™0s and low ¢ s by the bay with oakland in the low 60s . -- >brian: here is a look at ûo 7 day aîound the bay.
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>>gabe: a real earthquake simulator. it is a replica, small, one room victorian house. the guests are let in and then, a shaking begins.
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>> our people come from all of ôhe op talent in the bay area. these people all worked for all the industry. our people come from all of the top talent in the bay area. it is really a great show. >>gabe: the hours are à:30 a. m.-™:00 p.m. monday-saturday and 11:00 a.m.-™:00 p.m. on sunday.
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>>vicki: it seems like the tenders are able the colder than they normally are this time of year. >>brian: some places did get rain. we have a storm caused of the things are beginning to warm up things look better for sunday at the golden gate bridge for the £5t75th anniversary of ôhe golden gate. we'll have clouds pushing ôhrough but hopefully they will stay high ênough. temperatures will be in the '60s in bayside. mid-70s in the warmest place is. >>vicki: we will see you at ®1:00 p.m.. -- 11:00 pm. £5th £5th
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